Don’t whisper in my ear
Don’t take away my blinds
The world is a place of horrible
And I don’t care to hear
To feel
What it has become
Or maybe always was
Don’t whisper in my ear
The reality of my life
Don’t force me to the mirror
So I can see the me I am not meant to be
So I can grieve over my dead messed up philosophy
That has drowned long ago in my bedridden mind
A world that has sunk deep
Deep into the bottom of my soul
In my bottomless eyes
Not even a surface left to reach for
To break though and breath
I have lost myself
In this colorless world
The light has fled from this shell of a body
The real me
Lost to grief
And I
don’t want to see
If all that I will see
If all that I will realize in the whisper of your words
In the reflection of the mirror
Is the sea of my pain
The me of my shame
The caverns of my fear
The death of my long drowned hope
My hope that died endlessly ago
Along with desires for a dream
For a reason to get up every morning
A reason to reach for something more than me
I have lost to this world
This battle was never for me to win
I have broken down to the floor
Nees twisted from the endless steps I have taken
I don’t want to be here anymore
I have wronged not only me but this world
I can’t stand this anymore
I have never taken the right path before
I can’t see
That’s why I can’t be the me that I want to be
To see the light ahead of me
To walk the path to ecstasy
To a world that might say yes to me
Hold me and tell me that love was always next to me
It’s time
It is time to say that everything is ok
But it isn’t
It’s time to push away
All the things that make me feel this way
The end
In my empty world

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