Wandering tear
Finding its way
Wandering tear
Who’s to say
who’s to blame.
This wandering tear was born again
Brothers and sisters there to stay
I see them run
Run down your face
Where are they going?
Who’s to blame
I’ll follow them down with my gaze
Till the end of the line
Back up again
Meeting your gaze
A wandering tear is born again
From a wandering word that held in its pain
That word had slipped from a tight grip
My breath had held it
Deep in my throat
But then it came
That part of me
That part of me that said no more
That part of me that held until sore
It said, there is no more
Not a whimper of strength
The wandering word slipped from my lips
Filled with my shame
Filled with my anger
But most of all
Filled with my pain
This is all that you gave me
That I have not expressed
This is all that you gave me that I must confess
The wandering pain hit once again
And once again a wandering tear was born
And all its brothers and sisters
Came to join

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