I saw you once
Forever ago
Now you have grown
You have taken control
There’s no need for Mommy
No daddy either
You have taken your steps
Right out of your home
Into the world
But why is it that all I see
Is this lost man
Not the ocean of strength
Like I had seen when we first met
Why do I see a you that I cannot even recognize
A you that has gone off the deep end
Who is drowning in all that he refused to see
I look into your eyes
So deep
A call for help
I can’t see the bottom
So much anger at the world
So much pain in your cold eyes
Like glass
It cuts and makes me wonder what has made you this way
I reach out far with a promise
I will save you from all that has held you most of your life
Only a glance
And there he goes
Down the path that he blindly follows
Maybe he was too blind to see what I was handing to him
Or maybe he chose to ignore
For whatever reasons out of the millions
That million brick wall that stops us all
From choosing what is more

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